A record label designed and built to act as a springboard for those who are finding it hard to get noticed by the huge companies out there. RDR Ltd will take you from where you are and create the exposure you require to get you noticed. All our music is available direct from We are pleased to announce that we are now a subsidiary of The Spectra Music Group, a 30 year established independent label with over 150 artists on their roster


ELT Records formed in 2007 to help unsigned bands get on the first step to hopeful stardom. We are currently working on the back catalogue of AFD Shift (gone but not forgotten) and hope to be working with some exciting new UK bands soon.

A small label dedicated to giving unsigned bands a chance to get their music out to a wider audience.

Supporting XRP through funding

Supporting and progressing potential unsigned bands.

Starry ID

With thousands of hits a day, 11,000 Twitter followers and a significant presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Google + and EmpireAvenue, your creativity is getting a vibrant, active and rapidly growing audience at StarryID. Helping you focus on what you want to achieve and market you to the right people.

Artists wanting interviews or a breakthrough package E-Mail Fred Peters Here

Showcase interviews can be seen HERE

Another Lazy Sunday
Another Lazy Sunday, a small business with a large brand identity, revels in the art of discovery. Each month, Another Lazy Sunday unearths four emerging artists from across the country and showcases their talent. The company creates unidealised music videos that capture the artists as they are; no lights, no make-up, no lavish representation of what they ‘could’ be. Each artist then performs at a live music event is organised for the last Sunday of every month at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

Bringing XRP new fresh music every single week
Promoting great unsigned and independent music
Bringing great unsigned and independent events worldwide

Manilla PR LTD

Full National TV/Radio & Press PR campaigns at an affordable price.

We can offer you PR for an affordable price with maximum results giving you the option to use your budget in other area's than just PR.

For more information on how Manilla PR can help you please call 01642 438858 or email 

Manilla PR Ltd meet the demands of an ever changing music media on a daily basis.

New Music Connection [NMC]

A New Company - The aim is simple to get new music heard and to put talented people together to make great things happen. We want to build a support network to help new musicians in all genres talk to each other & put you in touch with the right people.

We will offer not only support and advice to help you develop your skills and talent to an auditioning and performing standard, but provide you with the tools and advice you need to promote yourself. We have a website, Youtube channel, Twitter feed and this facebook page where we can give your gigs and talents a plug.

Live Promote Agency

We Provide artist management services to bands and solo artists through events and Studio recording sessions, and are able to Promote and book for bands or other musicians as their general managers under set contracts and sub contracted with labels as agent representatives an middle men, we work with extensive venues and labels across London + the South of the UK and can Provide entertainment for any venue or music for shows or corporate films + events 

Kimmikazi Promotions

Booking Agent for UnscarreD 100% Pantera Tribute
On Air Personality - XRP Radio Thursday 7-9 pm EST
Booking Agent for Original Saturday's at Hot Shots

Description: UnscarreD is now booking for 2014!
Booking Agent for Original Saturdays at Hot Shots
SUBMISSIONS@XRPRADIO.CO.UK 'F.A.O K&S' in the subject please


The umbrella is a miniature unsigned conglomerate with no ties or contracts, but a joined passion for the unsigned and independent world. Each company within the umbrella has specific skills that other companies would usually taper into due to the nature of business. The Umbrella is designed so companies can lean on each others specialties in an 'In-Kind Trade' rather then have to ad-hoc dive into various projects.

If this project interests you, or you want further information, please


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